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  3. The Battle of Hiroshima against the G7 Summit Starts Wednesday

The Battle of Hiroshima against the G7 Summit Starts Wednesday

Abomb survivors, their second and third generation lead the protest against G7 In front of the A-bomb Dome

On May 17, two days before the G7 summit talks, the August 6 Hiroshima Grand Action Organizing Committee* held a press conference attended by a number of foreign correspondents.

The A-bomb Dome, the Peace Memorial Park and neighboring areas—the very center of anti-nuclear movement of Japan and the world over—are to be locked down from May 18 through 21. The police with riot gear have been occupying the whole city of Hiroshima in order to strangle protests against the G7 and their nuclear war drive.

At the press conference, Ryo Miyahara, the general secretary of the Organizing Committee and a third generation A-bomb survivor, declared five-day continuous struggle and Yasuhiro Ikkanda, the president of the Committee and a second generation, revealed that summit was to be held to launch a nuclear war and condemned the G7 imperialists.

March through the city center.
The riot police and the plain clothes surround the demonstrators, to build walls of cops between demonstrators and passersby.”

The demonstration after the press conference passed through downtown Hiroshima and its call for unflinching struggle against nukes and war attracted many residents; some of them joined the march. Fearing citizens’ massive support for the demonstrators, the riot police surrounded the march and yelled to intimidate them.

The riot police at every corner of downtown Hiroshima
The government mobilized a large number of the riot police from around Japan and imposed strict access restrictions and road blocks before, during and after the summit, which have already inflicted severe damage to citizens’ livelihood.

*August 6 Hiroshima Grand Action Organizing Committee is one of co-sponsors of the Battle of Hiroshima against the G7. It has organized August 6 Hiroshima Grand Action on the A-bomb day every year for five decades.

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