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Militant Demos Make a Sea Change in Hiroshima.

The police assaulted demonstrators and arrest a student.

On May 21, the last day of the G7 Hiroshima Summit, the demonstration took place to condemn the G7 Leaders’ Communiqué.
In response to the demo that denounced Ukrainian President Zelensky’s participation in the G7 Hiroshima summit and directly advocated crush of the G7 summit, the riot police unjustly arrested a student for “obstructing the execution of official duties”. Citizens who witnessed the scene raised their angry voices together and immediately released the videos and other SNS information. Despite the arrest, the protesters continued militant demo and won a victory; Kishida’s main objective—creation of chauvinist national unity by praise of the summit—was shattered.
At the rally, which began at 11 a.m., before the protests, speakers denounced the G7 Leaders’ Hiroshima Vision on Nuclear Disarmament. which blames Russian and Chinese nukes “without transparency,” while overlooking the United States’ largest nuclear arsenal in the world, and even openly declared the U.S.-G7’s nuclear deterrence. chiaki Akamine, president Zengakuren, wholeheartedly called for all-out struggle to crush the G7 summit hand in hand with A-bomb survivors. “Zelensky’s visit to Japan has made the ugliness of the summit even clearer.”
A speaker from South Korea said, “The Biden, Kishida and Yoon Suk-yeol held talks for war. They are about to rush into World War III. The wars in Ukraine, Taiwan and Korea are closely linked. We stand in solidarity with all those who fight against U.S. imperialism. Let’s fight together until the end.”
Ryo Miyahara, general secretary of the August 6 Grand Action Organizing committee, said: “For a year, we have been pointing out that the G7 Hiroshima summit is to be held to launch a war. The riot police shoved demonstrators, obstructed the press, arrested eight people and one student of Hiroshima University. However, our five days of militant demonstration in formation arm-in-arm created a sea change; Hiroshima is now an anti-Summit town. We can overthrow imperialism; nuclear abolition is possible. We have now stronger conviction and clearer perspective. Let’s keep fighting!”

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